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10/01/2004 - 11/01/2004

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Monday, October 25, 2004

Happy Belated Birthdae to loon yong.. hehe
Bought a t-shirt 4 him.. Wish he will like it..
Celebrated on sat at midnite we all wrkin.. S0 busy..
Ling, Jason, Geryll, Geraldine, Me n of course yong.. We decided to buy
a cake 4 him.. Actually never buy but suddenly dun noe how they find the time to buy tht
cake.. It's delicious.. YumMy.. After wrk, i went to find y0ng to wait 4 him till finish wrk..
While waitin sian ma, so jus t00k the keys n played sum of my favourite games...
Yong busy teachin Geryll how to do with the b00k-keepin, so i helped
them to count the money... wa shortage few hundreds plus.. So much... :(
Finished with everythin le, we told Geryll to go along to have fun..
The more the merrier.. After tht we took cab to meet ling they all at boat Quay... So happy to
see sumone.. really l0ng time never see sumone le, suddenly saw sumone
so scare leh... We went to pub to celebrate n had sum drinkk.. When we going to sing birthdae song, Jason faster told the person in chrge to play a happy birthdae song
to himm.. Really touch.. All the ppl in the pub join with us.. ppl sabo
him to drink a lot.. Ling n him really drunk till vomited.. They took turns to vomit..
1 after the other.. We drank really like hell jus straight away finish all..
Wish tht yong feel happy always... good luck..
Btw this cumin wed is ah hui n azure birthdae.. We will be
celebratin this sat 4 tht teh shu shu... Wish them
a very happy birthdae.. may yr wish cum true..

cheryl ~ 10/25/2004 11:00:00 PM

Sunday, October 03, 2004

blog le .. haha.. 1 month le.. time flies fast..
nth to sae.. Life is jus borin cause i am thinkin tht
my life will be fixed by all the schedules..
Like wrk, projects(study), feed dog.. JUs think
tht i have no time 4 myself.. ppl come to the weekends they already plan
where to go, where to play, 4 mE jus wrk.. go out also mus wait till midnight after wrk..
sian.. ok stop complainin le haha...

yesterdae after wrk went to look 4 my colleagues.. wa wait very long lo.. yawnxx...haha..
We ate prata together.. the prata (cheesE) quite nice.. ooops die le going to be fat again..
Always eat supper of course.. Can't stop when i get to see the food.. My mouth will nt stop..
After the food, we went pub n drink.. 4 me drank a cup of orange juice... cause gt wrk dun dare to drink much.. When i stepped in to the pub, can't believe i saw wily.. I knew he is wrkin at bugis but dun noe which prt of it.. There are so many pubs but my frien jus choose this ..
MAybe is fate ba.. nth much le stop here ba.. good luck to my dar i supprt u all the way.. dun 4get me ah or else u will know it frm me..
my relative: n 1 last thin i felt tht we r aprt when the dae came.. further n further..

cheryl ~ 10/03/2004 10:01:00 PM